Disposable Long Sleeved Gloves - PE

Disposable Long Sleeved Gloves - PE

Item No:  Long Sleeves Gloves - PE
Material : LDPE (PE)
Size : 285mm (W) x 830mm (H)
Thickness : 0.03mm
Printing : No Printing
MOQ : 30,000 pcs.

These extra long gloves are ideal for a variety of commercial applications, keeping your hands clean and free of odors.


Material: LDPE (PE)

Thickness: 0.03mm


  • VERSATILE: Ideal for a variety of applications from food preparation and handling, cleaning. handling of chemicals or even veterinary applications.
  • LATEX-FREE: Does not contain latex.
  • Consist of durable, hard to penetrate plastic guaranteed to keep your hands dry and protected.
  • Sanitary
  • DIMENSIONS: One size fits most. Gloves are # inches long with a palm width of # inches.
  • Available in biodegradable and compostable materials.

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