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What is "OK Compost"?

Unlike conventional plastics which are derived from petrochemicals, our BIO products are made from cornstarch. They are reusable, water resistant, breathable, food safe and will decompose CO2 neutrally. Our BIO range of products is certified in accordance to the European Standard EN 13432 and bare the “OK Compost” quality seal. Thus they are 100% biodegradable & compostable.

The “OK Compost” quality seal was issued to us by the globally recognized TÜV AUSTRIA Group (formerly known as AIB Vinçotte institute of Belgium). The testing procedure and requirements for obtaining the ‘OK Compost” quality seal is based on the internationally recognized European Standard EN 13432.

The degradation process can either take place in an industrial composting facility for a faster process of 4 weeks, or in a home compost, with the help of microorganisms, enzymes and heat.
Regardless of which compost method is chosen, the fundamental requirement of certification for both OK Compost HOME and OK Compost INDUSTRIAL is that 90% of the item must be broken down in 180 days of being introduced to a compost environment.
Degradation of the BIO resins in the ocean has been tested and confirmed in accordance to the European Commission initiated “Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot program. The time needed to break down in the ocean is between 35 to 39 weeks.

Our “OK Compost” Certificate
Decomposition of compostable material

Official 'NOVAMONT' Liscensee

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UPM is the official ‘Mater-Bi’ licensee from NOVAMONT.

Novamont is an international leader in the bioplastics sector and in the development of biochemicals.
Novamont compostable bioplastics help to divert organic waste from landfills, allowing its transformation into compost, a soil improver and a valuable tool to arrest its degradation. Bioplastics biodegradable in soil are instead suitable for those applications with a high risk of dispersion in the environment.

Materials made of MATER-BI, which is obtained by means of pioneering proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations, are made by an integrated industry involving no less than three Italian production facilities.
All grades of MATER-BI are certified by certification bodies in accordance with the main European and international standards. MATER-BI is a bioplastics whose properties and characteristics of use are very similar to those of traditional plastics, but at the same time, they are biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard UNI EN 13432.

MATER-BI’s biodegradability and compostability properties and its high content of renewable raw materials allow optimal organic waste management, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the development of virtuous systems, with significant advantages throughout the entire production-consumption-disposal cycle.

UPM is a Certified Novamont licensee