Ice Cube Bag/ Ice Bag - Self Seal

Ice Cube Bag/ Ice Bag - Self Seal

Item No:  Ice Cube Bag/ Ice Bag - Self Seal
Material : LDPE (PE)
Size : 180mm (W) x 340+50mm (H)
Thickness : 0.02mm - 0.1mm
Printing : Optional
MOQ : 50,000 Pcs.

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Product features/properties

Our PE ice cube bags, particularly our “self-sealed series” are well regarded in the international market because of their very special feature, whereby the ice cubes are self-sealed (meaning that once the water level gets up to the top of the bag, the bag seals itself). Our bags are also functionally reliable whereby the cubes can be separated with ease, are leak proof and odour-free. They are also strong and can be designed in many different shapes such as circular ice cubes, rectangular ice cubes or heart-shaped ice cubes. The most usual colour options chosen by our customers are our transparent ice cube bags or our blue ice cube bags.Another important consideration for the international market is that all our disposable ice cube bags are FDA approved, hence they are safe for food use.


Our LDPE ice cube bags are a hygienic and convenient way to quickly make ice cubes at special and important events, at very low cost. Guests no longer need to worry about contamination from plastic ice cube trays. Tear one bag and all ice cube bags will separate and are ready for use!


Packing and shipping

Our standard ice cube bag contains 28 cubes but can also be designed to meet our customer’s specification. They are packed in sets of 10/12/15 pieces per printed polybag/box, with 3,000 pieces per shipping carton. The printing on the outer polybag can be up to 8 colours and we offer both flexo and gravure printing. We can ship LCL or FCL (partial or full container), with the optional use of pallets. Other transport options available include airfreight and local door to door delivery. Shipping terms are negotaible and we offer FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP.


Our customers

Our ice cube bags have been a popular item in supermarkets (to sell to end consumers), outdoor catering parties/weddings, important add-ons for drinks/cocktails/mocktails at major sports events and musical festivals, national day events such as fireworks nights and many more.



Product Specification


Film Color      : Transparent, light blue.


Ice cube shape :   circular, rectangular or as per customer specification.


Cubes per bag : 28 or as per customer specification.


Packaging      : set of 10/12/15 pcs per printed polybag/box.


Packing          : 3,000 pcs per shipping carton (bulk pack)


- Keep ice cubes clean and odor-free.

- Suitable for Home use, Picnics, Parties, Camping.

- Hygienic way to store and handle ice cubes.

- FDA approved.



  • Customizable ice cube shapes.
  • Quantity of ice cube per bag customizable.
  • Available in biodegradable materials.

HS Code: 39232100


Who we are

UPM Plastic is one of the most highly regarded ODM/OEM China supplier of disposable LDPE ice cube bags.


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