Compostable Rain Poncho (Bioplastic)

Compostable Rain Poncho (Bioplastic)

Material : Compostable
Size : Adult: 1150mm (W) x 1100mm (H), Children: 800mm (W) x 900mm (H)
Thickness : 0.015-0.1mm (Without Print) / 0.018-0.1mm (With Print)
Printing : Up to 8 colours, flexo / gravure
MOQ : 3,000 pcs



Compostable Rain Poncho 

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If you are sourcing a reliable top quality compostable rain ponchos, look no further!

We highly recommend trying our biggest selling, internationally certified compostable rain ponchos. They are soft to the touch and 100% compostable. Even the ink printed on our compostable poncho is environmentally friendly. Our compostable rain ponchos not only look and feel good, they are a great value for money.


Our compostable ponchos are available in three different styles. They are available in our standard style with no sleeves but clever side openings (#883), our half sleeves/bat style sleeves design (#880) or long defined sleeves design (#882).


All ponchos are individually packaged in a sealed outer Compostable bag, but may have the option of an outer bag with a cotton drawstring. The outer bag can be printed/unprinted according to our customers’ needs. For unprinted outer bags, we can also apply printed card inserts. All of these can be completely environmentally friendly and made in the same compostable material as the ponchos.


In UPM Plastic, our compostable ponchos can be produced in a wide range of colours, however their natural colour look best. Logo designs can be up to 8 colours. Other available add-ons include elastic bands fitted at the sleeves cuffs or strings to securely fasten the rain hood. Another option could be adding extra pockets onto the ponchos.

Both our compostable ponchos and compostable outer bags can be printed using our flexo or gravure technology.






Technical Information


Color:  Natural or as per customer's specification


Printing      : Max 4 for Flexographic

                    Max 8 for Rotogravure


Packaging:  Individial packaging in pouch (115 x 185mm)



  • Individually packaged in pouch also made of compostable material.
  • Easy pull over design
  • Lightweight
  • 100% compostable



  • Optional drawstring for hood.
  • Fully customizable printing solutions.


HS Code: 39262090


Who we are

UPM Plastic is one of the most highly regarded ODM/OEM China supplier of compostable emergency rain ponchos in today’s market. We are certified by OK Compost and have been awarded the Hong Kong Green Label.




We can ship LCL or FCL (partial or full container), with the optional use of pallets. Other transport options available include airfreight and local door to door delivery. Shipping terms are negotaible and we offer FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP.


Our customers

Our emergency rain ponchos are suitable for a wide range of outdoor events such as amusement parks, music festivals, stadiums, outdoor concerts, marathons, universities, camping trips, mountain climbing, tour groups, sports events etc.

Our environmental friendly ponchos are trendy and ideal for our environmentally conscious customers.


Product available in this series: compostable rain ponchos




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