Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber

Our Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber offers a light weight and easily set up solution for infections disease control.
The whole system fits into a MILSPEC hard case for easy transportation and storage. The unit can even be air dropped from an aircraft to remote areas which are in need.

The main chamber is under constant negative pressure to ensure any bacteria or viral agents do not escape into the surrounding environment.
Personnel entering and exiting the chamber go through a double door system with a dedicated area where medical personnel can remove any contaminated clothing.

Isolation Chamber
Material:                   PVC / PVC Tarpaulin
Wall Color:               Transparent
Pillar / Floor Color: White
Size:                         3000x5000x2300mm
NW:                          76kg
Total set up time:    ≤5 min
Certification:           ISO 13485:2016

Shipping case
Dimension:    1700x900x950mm (450+500)
IP Rating:       IP65
Standard:       MIL-STD-810G
Case Weight: 68.6kg

● The MIL spec hard case is waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant.
● 8 heavy duty handles alloy the case and its contents to be easily carried even in uneven terrain.
● Interlocking grooves on the top and bottom of the case allows for the case to be securely stacked in storage.
● 6 shipping cases can easily be stacked on a HCU- 6/E pallet (463L Master Pallet) and air-dropped if required.

Dimension (mm):                         500x365x865
Filtration Efficiency:                    ≥99.97 % @ ≥0.5μm
Rated Air Volume:                       500m³/h
Average wind speed:                  0.3 – 0.6 m/s
Noise Level:                                 ≤62dB (A)
Power Supply:                             AC220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption: 300W
Weight (KG):                                25
HEPA Filter Dimension (mm):    390x550x38




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