Pedicure Spa Liners

Available in a range of materials such as LDPE/HDPE/CPE or compostable/bio-degradable materials, there will surely be a variant to suit your needs.
The special folding design ensures minimal space is required for storage while maintaining ease of use.
The elasticated liner ensures a secure fit to the tub and preventing the liner from being disloged.


Material:     LDPE/HDPE/Oxo-degradable
Size:           1220 x 1220mm / 1120 x 1120mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm or as customer specification
Printing:     As per customer request
MOQ:          50,000 pcs


Inhouse elastic rim design for SNUG and SECURE fit and prevent flaying.
Cost efficient way to maintain a sanitary environment for your customers.
Eliminating risk of cross contamination or infections. Compact & easy to use.
Standard size:
1220 x 1220mm (48″ x 48″)
1120 x 1120mm (44″ x 44″)

Thickness: 0.015mm
Color: Transparent or Blue
Material: LDPE or HDPE
Biodegradable options: Available
Packaging: 200 pcs per carton




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