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Our Factory

What started from humble beginnings with a space enough to house only one machinery and two workers, our factory has now grown to become a 35,0000 square metre manufacturing plant housing more than 200 machineries and 400+ workers.

Located in Jiangxi Province and inside the Economic Development Zone of Ganzhou City , it is approximately a 9-hour drive from Hong Kong or a 7-hour drive from Shenzhen. Jiangxi is a province located on the eastern side of China, where the Gan River dominates and flows from south to north of the province.

Our factory prides itself for our use of:-

  • our advanced R&D team,
  • our highly experienced management team,
  • a highly skilled and capable labour force,
  • highly automated and innovative machineries,
  • a cleanroom (for hygiene related products), and
  • for the many certifications that we are qualified for such as ISO, BSCI, TUV etc.


While we are pioneers in the manufacturing of many different kinds of plastics (namely polyethylene, polypropylene) and have in the past, offered biodegradable options for our customers, we have, in recent years, continued to improve ourselves by offering another material option, an alternative to plastics, that are fully compostable in an industrial/home environment: Cornstarch

One of our greatest advantage is that all our products, whether they are made of plastics or bioplastic, are manufactured at the highest quality where every detail matters and where the environment in which they are produced are kept clean.

Our current factory handles a multitude of production lines. We have dedicated production lines for bags, for food contact products, for medical products, for rain ponchos, for hotel amenities, for haircare, for spa liners and many more. For more on the kind of products we offer, please see our product page.

All products are manufactured inhouse with the exception of small parts and accessories. Doing business with Universal Plastic means being able to work directly with a factory where you will be communicating directly with the source, lessening misunderstandings and where matters can be handled quickly.

For the foreseeable future, we expect further growth in the form of a new factory site whereby technology will be at the forefront of its construction.

We remain humbled and grateful for the support of our esteemed customers (old and new alike) and we attribute the growth of our business from their loyalty and trust in us. We welcome you all to be part of our journey as we continue to improve ourselves so that we can provide you with the best products that you can get in the market at present and in the future.

a peek at just a fraction of our warehouse awaiting to be shipped
LDPE HDPE plastic bag extrusion machine


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