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From humble beginnings with just one machine and two workers, our factory has grown into a 35,000 square meter manufacturing plant with over 200 machines and 200+ workers. Our production facility is located in Jiangxi Province, inside the Economic Development Zone of Ganzhou City, approximately a 3 hour train ride from Shenzhen.

At our factory, we’re proud to have an advanced R&D team, a highly experienced management team, a skilled labor force, innovative machinery, and a dedicated cleanroom production facility for food and medical related products. We hold numerous certifications, including ISO, BSCI, and TUV, and constantly strive to improve ourselves and our products.

We specialize in manufacturing various types of plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, and offer biodegradable options for our customers. Recently, we’ve added cornstarch, a fully compostable alternative to plastics, to our range of materials.

One of our greatest advantages is that all of our products, whether made of plastics or bioplastics, are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our current factory features dedicated production lines for bags, food contact products, medical products, rain ponchos, hotel amenities, hair care, spa liners, and more.

We manufacture all of our products in-house, with the exception of small parts and accessories. This means that when you do business with UPM, you’ll be communicating directly with the source, reducing misunderstandings and allowing us to quickly handle any issues that may arise.

We’re committed to further growth and innovation, with plans to construct a new factory site that will incorporate the latest technology. We’re grateful for the support of our loyal customers, both old and new, and look forward to continuing to improve ourselves and provide the best products on the market. Join us on our journey and experience the difference that Universal Plastic can make for you.

a peek at just a fraction of our warehouse awaiting to be shipped
LDPE HDPE plastic bag extrusion machine


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