Car Seat Cover

The seat covers are not only ideal for use by mechanics, valets, body-shops or detailers to protect the seats and interior of the cars. But due to the superior printing they are also ideal for use in showrooms, events and new vehicle delivery use.
Our top quality disposable car seat covers are soft yet tougher than conventional counterparts.

Disposable seat covers can be customized in size, color, scent and printing to suit your exact needs. Material colors range from transparent and white to any pantone color you desire.
Custom printing of up to 8 colors (Flexo or Gravure) provides allow for perfect branding opportunities on the product.


Material:     LDPE/HDPE/Biodegradable
Size:            770mm (W) x 1250mm (H)
Thickness: 0.02mm – 0.09mm
Printing:     Up to 8 colours
MOQ:          50,000 pcs



  • Can be customized to the specific vehicle make and model for a perfect fit.
  • Material options include LDPE, biodegradable LDPE & compostable materials.
  • Elasticated liner to ensure a secure fit to the seat and preventing the liner from being dislodged during use.



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