Heavy Duty Wicket Ice Bags

Our ice bags are known for their superior strength in being able to withstand not only the weight but also the sharp edges of ice. They are water proof and won’t leak during transportation. Manufactured from FDA approved materials and odor-free.
The commonly chosen color for our PE ice bags is transparent with optional flexo or rotogravure printing (up to 8 colors) on the front of the bag.

Customers may choose to customize the size of their ice cube bags according to the weight desired or in accordance to the ice machines they use. We also offer a standard size of 290×520+50+30mm. Wicket sizes will vary, depending on the width of the bags required. All our ice cube bags are FDA approved!


Material:     LDPE (Food Grade)
Size:           290×520+50+30mm
Thickness: 0.05
Printing:     Up to 8 colours, flexo or gravur
MOQ:          50,000 pcs


Technical Specification
Width (range): 100 – 450 mm
Lenth (range): 100 – 900 mm
Printing:          Customisable printing design on both sides with up to max 8 colours
Bundle size:    250 pcs/Bundle or 150 pcs/Bundle
Standard wicket sizes of 100, 120 & 130 mm.
Custom wicket sizes available as per customers request.
Packing:          3,000 pcs per shipping carton Bag style customisable per client’s request.
Available in biodegradable materials.
Keep ice cubes clean and odor-free.
Hygienic way to store and handle ice cubes.
FDA approved.

HS Code: 39232100



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