Printed Resealable Ziplock Bag

Our printed zipper bags (or sometimes referred to as resealable bags) are known for their superior clarity and secure sealing. The zipper bags are available in conventional transparent with up to 2 color printing .
The re-closable zipper design ensures an secure air tight seal to prevent cross contamination. Furthermore, adhesive seal tape flaps are available for a even more secure option.

Material :       LDPE
Thickness :   0.03 mm – 0.095mm
Dimensions: 60-450mm(H) x 40-1000mm(W)
Printing:        Up to 2 color Rotogravure
            50,000 pcs


Material: Food grade LDPE (FDA 177.1520 compliant)
Biodegradable material options available.
Compostable material options available.




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