Compostable Raincoat with snap Buttons

Packaging or products featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL label are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives. The sole reference point for the certification programme is the harmonized EN 13432: 2000 standard: in any event any product featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL logo complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive ( 94/62/EEC).

OK Compost HOME – Owing to the comparatively smaller volume of waste involved, the temperature in a garden compost heap is clearly lower and less constant than in an industrial composting environment. This is why composting in the garden is a more difficult, slower-paced process.
OK compost HOME is not based on a standard but is the basis for several standards!

The requirements of the OK compost HOME programme, defined in 2003 and never questioned since then, have served as the basis for the drafting of several standards such as:

  • Australia: AS 5810 (2010) – Biodegradable plastics – Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting
  • France: NF T 51800 (2015) – Plastics – Specifications for plastics suitable for home composting
  • Europe: prEN 17427 (2020) – Packaging — Requirements and test scheme for carrier bags suitable for treatment in well-managed home composting installations


Material : Compostable (OK Compost certified)
Size : Small, Medium, Large
Thickness : 0.015-0.1mm (Without Print) / 0.018-0.1mm (With Print)
MOQ : 100 kg (~5,000 pcs)

Our #882 series features a PE disposable raincoat with defined sleeves and snap buttons down the front of the raincoats. The sleeves can be loose fitting or they can be fitted with an elastic band.

#882 PE raincoats are individually packaged in a sealed outer plastic polybag or an outer polybag with a drawstring. The outer polybag can be printed/unprinted according to our customers’ needs. For unprinted outer polybags, we can also apply printed card inserts. Our emergency disposable raincoats can be produced in a wide range of colours, with designs that can be printed up to 8 colours. We offer both flexographic and rotogravure printing. Other available add-ons include strings that can securely fasten the hood and elasticated cuffs for the sleeves. Another option could be adding extra pockets on the raincoats.

We highly recommend trying our biggest selling environmental friendly certified compostable raincoats. They are soft to the touch, breathable and 100% compostable.

Color : Transparent, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or as per customer’s specification
Printing : Max 4 for Flexographic ,Max 8 for Rotogravure
Size :
L: 860mm (W) x 1270mm (H)
M: 736mm (W) x 1220mm (H)
S: 635mm (W) x 1150mm (H)

Full length sleeves and hood with drawstring.
Secure snap button design for ease of use when putting on or taking off raincoat.
Individually packaged with storage pouch.

Materials Available: Compostable materials.
Fully customizable water ink printing.
Optional elasticated cuffs.
Optional drawstring or drawtape for hood.


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