Compostable Vest Carrier

With recent regulations banning the use of plastic shopping bags, the popularity of compostable bags have grown exponentially.
Vest carrier or commonly referred to as t-shirt bags are well known for its load capacity and strength while being the most economical. They are favored by supermarkets and grocery stores.
The bags are available in any pantone color and with printing up to 10 colors in either flexo or rotogravure printing.


Material:  Compostable material (OK Compost/EN 13432 certified)
Size:           200 – 700mm
Thickness: 0.015mm – 0.1mm
Printing:     Up to 10 colours
MOQ:          10,000 pcs


Standard Size: Width: 200mm-450mm
Length: 300mm-700mm Standard Packaging: Max 15kg per shipping carton.

Alternate name: PRCB




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