Company History

Universal Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Limited was founded in February 1977 by Mr Ko Wong and his wife, Rebecca Leung.
Mr Wong designed the company’s first Disposable plastic gloves machine and at the time, engaged housewives to help fold and package the gloves.

A few months later, they officially opened their very first rented factory in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, employing several staff.

Then in the 1980s, during a time when China first opened its doors to foreign investors, the husband and wife team decided to seize the opportunity on the mainland and opened its first rented factory in Shenzhen China.
Not long after that, in 1995, when they felt comfortable with their experience in the mainland, they bought a land in Dongguan and built their first fully owned factory there.

The Dongguan factory stood at 4,000 square metres and served as a busy production hub serving many production lines for all our different products.
In 1998-1999, Mr Ko Wong’s two eldest sons Rickly and Victor returned home from abroad after graduating from university to help run their father’s business. During this time, the company saw a significant increase in international orders.

In 2001, under the capable hands of his two sons, Mr Ko Wong and his wife were finally able to retire from their daily responsibilities at the Company into consulting roles.

In 2006, in order to keep up with increasing customer orders and a lack of space in our Dongguan factory, another fully owned factory was built in Xingguo, this time covering an area of 31,000 square metres. All our production lines (for haircare, Apron, medical, hotel, sports and so on with the exception of plastic bags) were transferred to our Xingguo factory.

In 2014, Mr Ko Wong’s youngest son Richard joined the family business. His presence in the factory business is important in the Company’s history as it unites the three brothers and completes the Company’s team of directorship.

In 2015, our Xingguo factory continued to stand strong and we were able to transfer yet another important production line – our plastic carrier bags. This freed up space at our Dongguan factory to handle a very big project. Our Dongguan factory was completely revamped into a state-of-the-art QS clean room to serve our customers in the food packaging industry. We invested in more technological advanced machinery to satisfy the needs of our customers in that field.

All throughout the years, the Company maintained a head office in Hong Kong which is responsible for all its administrative, accounting and management work. The company has flourished 40+ years since it was first established. It now stands as an industrial leader in the plastic industry and is fiercely competitive.


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