Compostable Drawstring Backpack

Material: Compostable material (OK Compost/EN 13432 certified)
Size: 300 – 1,000mm
Thickness: 0.08mm – 0.1mm
Printing: Up to 8 colors, flexographic or rotogravure
MOQ:100kg (~5,000 pcs)
Color: Any Pantone color

Compostable drawstring gym bags – the ultimate solution for customizable and eco-friendly gym storage! Our bags can be fully customized in size and printing to suit your exact needs, providing the perfect branding opportunities for your business.

Our drawstring gym bags are available in bulk packaging, with options of 50 or 100 pieces per printed/unprinted polybag before being packed in shipping cartons. This makes them a convenient and customizable solution for your gym storage needs.

Packaging or products featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL label are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks, and additives, ensuring that our bags are environmentally friendly and safe for use.

They comply with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EEC) and meet several international standards.

For home composting, our OK compost HOME certification ensures that our bags will biodegrade in garden compost heaps, even with the lower and less constant temperature. While composting in the garden is a more difficult and slower-paced process, our bags are designed to break down in this environment.

Choose our top-quality compostable drawstring gym bags for an eco-friendly and customizable solution to your gym storage needs. Contact us today to learn more about our range of products and how they can benefit your business. Choose Universal Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Ltd. for your eco-friendly packaging needs and experience the difference in quality and sustainability.

Easily adjusted to suit any body type.
Efficient way to carry loads and frees up wearers hand for other activities.
Stylish and eye catching.
Fully customizable printing.
Ideal for sports and outdoor events.
Great tool for marketing campaigns.


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