Wicket Bread Bag For Bakery

Our wicket bread bags possess all the important qualities customers look for in food packaging.
The custom bread bags are visually appealing with superior printing quality and our special formulation ensures that our bags are soft to touch yet strong enough not to tear easily. They can be easily separated for ease of pickup by bread machines or manually. Our bags are also odorless with an additional option for ventilated holes on the bread bags.
We offer biodegradable bread bags for customers seeking an environmentally friendly alternative for their bags. Our bread bags are side sealed with the option of a gusset at the bottom base of the bag. The most commonly chosen color for our bread bags is transparent, although other colors are also possible. Printing on the bags can be up to 8 colors. We offer two types of ink printing: flexo or gravure.
The standard wickets we use are 100, 120 or 130mm in length. Both the bag sizes and printing designs are usually custom made according to our customer’s specification. All our wicketted bread bags are compatible with GHD Georg Hartmann machines.


Material:     LDPE / HDPE / PP film (Food Grade)
Size:           W:100-450mm, L:100-900mm
Thickness: 0.02 – 0.08 mm
Printing:     Up to 8 colors, gravure or flexo
MOQ:          10,000 pcs


Technical Specification
Material:            LDPE, HDPE, PP, Biodegradable
Width (range):   100 – 450 mm
Length (range): 100 – 900 mm
Printing:             Customizable printing design on both sides with up to max 8 colours (flexo/gravure printing)
Bundle size:      250 pcs/Bundle or 150 pcs/Bundle
Standard wicket sizes of 100, 120 & 130 mm but can be customized
Packing:            3,000 pcs per shipping carton
Bag style: Bottom gusset, square bottom or hexagon bottom

Additional options: Ventilation holes available

One very important aspect of our bread bags is that they are foodsafe.
All our food contact products are produced in a state-of-the-art ISO accredited 100k cleanroom with stringent controls and are FDA approved!

HS Code: 39232100 (PE) / 39232900 (PP/BOPP)



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